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17 Sep 2016

“With skill and strategy, even David can conquer a giant”.–, Founder of https://t…

TechCrunch LA Meetup

That photo is not from a fashion show. It’s not a concert. It’s the TechCrunch LA Meetup I went to last night.

For those not versed in speed pitch events, it’s basically speed dating for entrepreneurs and investors. In this case, each entrepreneur had sixty seconds to give their elevator pitch on stage. Then a panel of various industry leaders grilled them with follow up questions for the next five minutes.

Sure, that’s not exactly how Warren Buffet would go about evaluating a company to invest in. And realistically, no VC would write a check without extensive due diligence beyond what happened on stage.

But the bigger point is, they’re making the idea of coming up with an innovative idea and starting a company around it a cool thing. And in terms of what the youth of a city could channel their energy into, I think this is a pretty big win.

They packed a 1500 capacity venue to SRO, and it had the energy (and noise) of a live music show.

I hope this isn’t just a trend. And I don’t think it is. From Mashable to Shark Tank to people like Elon Musk, the startup world has moved into the spotlight. It’s no longer confined to PowerPoint presentations in VC conference rooms.

We need kids to be excited about the future, and armed with the sense that they can shape it. And the more of them the better. As my childhood friend, a well-known football coach throughout the state of Illinois, told me about building a strong youth sports program: It’s about the numbers. Getting large numbers of kids to join the mission and put their time and energy behind it.

It’s not that different for how cities, states and countries can spawn businesses that will grow up to impact the world. And I’m glad to see this happening here in L

We just launched a couple of great new reports on Zuum. These should give unparalleled views on what subjects perform best on Facebook. Our Subject Explorer and Subject Analyzer are two reports that work together to give you the most accurate view ever of what content makes the biggest impact on Facebook.

Zuum users will find these reports on the left side navigation when they’re logged into the Zuum tool.

Subject Explorer or: What topics should I be posting about?

Subject Explorer goes well beyond just showing you which keywords drive the best engagement. It gives you multiple parameters for filtering those subjects, based on critical engagement criteria. So the subjects it presents are subjects that work the way you want them to work.

Zuum's new Facebook engagement tool subject explorer

Minimum Average Engagement Rate: Slider let’s you view only words  above a certain engagement level. For example, you may want to only view subjects generating 20% above the average engagement.

Minimum Number of Posts Containing the Term: A subject that works in one post is very different from one that works again and again. The more times a high engaging subject is used, the more consistently it’s performing, and the more likely it will be to drive engagement for future posts. You may want to view at least 2-3 months of data to ensure there’s a broad range of subjects to analyze.

Minimum Number of Pages the Term is Used On: Brand and product terms usually are among the most engaging terms. By selecting more than one page, you’ll quickly eliminate most terms specific to a certain page, and get a better sense of what subjects are working across the entire industry.
You can rollover any term to get a quick view of its engagement rate, posting volume, and pages used by.

Subject Analyzer or: How are the most engaging subjects being used by marketers?

A detailed breakout of how a given subject is being used across all the pages you’ve selected. When you click on any term in the Subject Explorer, you’ll go straight to this view.

Zuum's new facebook engagement analysis too subject analyzer

Across the top is data on the posting volume, average engagement rate for posts with that term, what types of engagements is pulled, and the media type that term was used with.

Top Related Terms: Shows the most common terms used in all posts on this subject.
Posting Calendar: Which brands posted about that subject on which days.
Top Brand Post: The most engaging page post on that subject.
Top Fan Post: The most engaging fan post on that subject.
More Brand Posts: Click to view a listing of all brand posts on that subject, ranked by engagement.
More Fan Posts: Click to view a listing of all fan posts on that subject, ranked by engagement.

This posted on iMedia today. Facebook’s been on a tear rolling out new features and new metrics. This article tries to define a fast-evolving subject.

To the article >>

Zuum Facebook chart high engagement posts

Holidays are always a content opportunity for brands. This is a look at some of the more interesting Easter-themed posts from some of the leading brands on Facebook.

My latest article, on what small businesses can learn from large businesses regarding Facebook page activities. It’s published in the Content Marketing Institute, one of the more thriving sites covering the fast-growing area of content marketing.

In the article we conduct an analysis on automobile industry Facebook pages. Looking at both large manufacturers and small, local dealers, we break down what’s working, what’s not working, and what the dealerships can learn from the larger brands. The emphasis is on subject analysis, and we feature a number of Zuum charts that clearly pinpoint the findings and recommendations.

Here’s the link.

And here’s an example of one of the charts. We then drill in to see how the Nissan dealers listed here can improve their engagement.

Facebook content analysis on automotive industry

You don’t have to produce content to have it engage your community. This week Red Bull shares some remarkable footage from a brand, Billabong, that may sell a completely different product, but certainly appeals to the same extreme sports interest. I also like how they’re using short, punctuated copy that plays entirely off the posted video. It feels conversational the way people really post.

Click through to see the video.

Below is this week’s report. Click the image if you’d like to click through to the individual posts.

Our FREE Top Ten weekly report features the top post from each of the top ten brands on Facebook. You can either sign up or view the complete list of posts in our latest report, featured in the archives on this page.

Also, you can get a FREE TRIAL of Zuum by just registering.

I just published an interesting look across 10 popular industries to see how Page performance compares for areas like engagement rate, page growth rate, and posting volume. We covered a number of industries, including politics, airlines, hospitals, fashion retail, snack foods, restaurants, sports footwear, and YouTube stars.

Key findings include:

  • Industries with emotional subjects tend to have higher engagement rates
  • Page engagement rates within an industry often vary significantly
  • The more Likes a page has, the harder it is to get high engagement
  • High posting volume often aligns with high engagement rates

Some things I expected, and some I didn’t.


Path has a nice user interface although I’m not really sure I need another social net right now. I do like the fact that companies are moving to a more fluid, mobile based interface.

But what I like most about Path is the photo filters. They should release a version with which you can just use the filters without having to go live with it.


Heading into the holiday season, I thought it would be interesting to look at how the Top Ten brands on Facebook (defined by Fan count) posted on the themes of Thanksgiving and Black Friday over Thanksgiving week.

I know, it seems like the only time I post here is to say I’ve posted something somewhere else. 🙁

But I thought this article came out well, and there are some good, insightful reports on some of the top brands on Facebook. Starbucks, Skittles, Disney, Oreo, Red Bull, etc.

The complete article is here:

An example of one of the charts, showing the average monthly engagement rate figures for the top brands on Facebook, is below.

And of course, you can see all this data and much more for your brand and industry when you check out Facebook content strategy tool Zuum.


With Zuum, it’s pretty clear I’m betting on Facebook as the dominant consumer social media platform for brands to engage their best customers.

Here’s the article:

This article breaks out posting activity trends across a number of industries, looking at things like how much to post, when to post, what topics to post, and what media type to use. Below is the chart that pretty much explains why if you’re trying to engage mass consumers, your best bet is probably Facebook.

comScore data showing Facebook dominating the social media space

We’ve just launched our new tool for analyzing Facebook data, Zuum (

My biz partner, Alex Gonzalez, and I are very excited about the insights that can be gathered using Zuum. Things like what terms are most powerful for driving engagement, which days are fans most active, which media type drives the best engagement.

All things that anyone wanting to optimize their Facebook Page should find very helpful.

If you haven’t, please register for free access to our public reports. Any thoughts you have to share on the tool would be welcome.

Here’s a sample image of the media type chart, one of thirteen charts in Zuum.


Saw the premiere of Morgan Spurloch’s latest, Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, last Tuesday.

I definitely liked it, in a way that anyone intimately familiar with a subject likes to see it examined with a perspective that only a $1.5m budget can provide. 

If you’re not familiar with the concept, Spuloch attempts to make a film financed entirely through corporate sponsorships. All the challenges — ethical, creative and logistic — are the theme throughout.

While the movie purports to show the process and challenges of placing a brand’s products  in a film, the real challenge and interest comes in putting the brand’s staff in the film. Conversations about a brand’s essence were never made for mass consumption. As someone once said, “Advertising is like hot dogs. You don’t want to see either being made.”

One of the flashpoints of the film is how Spurloch sets out to make a movie around brand sponsoships, and early in the movie you realize that the movie is well underway without a single sponsor. He’s been making the movie throughout.

I was actually surprised to see any brand jump on board, the way I’m surprised to ever see any politician talk to a Daily Show correspondent. (“Uh, lets see, Morgan Spurloch. Past movie was Supersize Me … Uh, I think we’ll pass)

I guess for some any exposure is irresistible.

That obvious disinterest should probably be shielded from the guy making the movie, though. In stating that they weren’t interested in the project, Volkswagen execs let their disdain for Spurloch’s blend of business and social commentary surface — stating there’s “no way they’d ever do this movie” — unwittingly giving Spuloch a good foil throughout the second half of the movie.

I did like his construct for selling brand sponsorships. Whatever the brand, it would be the Greatest ____ Ever Sold. Simple and direct, like the movie.

I certainly got my share of laughs throughout the film, and I think most people in marketing or entertainment would enjoy watching a dramatized version of their job play out on the screen. The question is, Which screen. I saw the premiere for free, but beyond that, I’d say its a rental.

I was on an early AM ride up the bike path just after daybreak, and caught the sun breaking through the clouds, landing right on the pier.


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